and so the travel begins…

jan. 6.  2016

up at 3:15am, everyone else at 4:00am, in the car at 5:00am.  made it through security, made first plane, layover in texas, second plane, and then…the car rental.   be aware, in mexico, they require additional car insurance, that no matter what a website says you are covered for, you have to pay for more than that. our deal for a car for a month was $286…supposedly.  then, they wanted to tack on $19/day for additional car insurance, $7/day for additional driver.  that blew our deal out of the water.  but you have to roll with the punches. and their negotiating deals for you never are better than you had planned. after sitting in line in the national car rental office for probably an hour and a half trying to come up with a plan, someone else said they booked through expedia and their insurance covered them through the online booking.  so we made a booking through expedia, went over to fox car rental, and same thing…except they wanted $29/day for insurance.  after being there for an hour, they agreed to match the first place’s prices, and gave us a free upgrade to a minivan, which is awesome…because i really don’t know how we would have fit 6 people, 6 suitcases, and 6 backpacks in a premium sized car.

we stopped at a roadside little restaurant because we were STARVING, and ate some of the yummiest food-and only was $20 for all of us to eat.  then we went to the mega grocery store-it was huge-like a costco, that even sold 4 wheelers.  got groceries, boogies boards, swim noodles, and tons of food for just $135.  i love mexico so far!

we then finally made our way to the condo, which is part of a huge resort.  it’s pretty awesome.  the owners are living in germany right now, gave us a steal of a deal, and he was a filmmaker in hollywood for 30 years…pretty cool.

we got situated, put food away, and climbed into bed at midnight.  we made it!

ps-the shot of the traffic-there is a guy on a unicycle juggling bowling pins in between the cars-very entertaining while sitting at a light.

pps-the drone shot via jarom of our condo building is pretty awesome-you can see our huge upstairs terrace-we are the closest one in the picture.








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