next trip.

jan. 5.  2016

as we prepare for our next trip, (leave tomorrow) to the riviera maya for a month, the excitement is mounting.  nothing is as exciting as an adventure, and finding good deals and learning how to work points on flights so we fly for free and renting homes or condos for cheap is becoming something we are getting good at. staying for a month gives us the opportunity to really get to know the area, get in some culture and history, get to know some locals a bit, practice our spanish…hopefully it’ll be a good break.  plus going somewhere for a week is exhausting…you finally start getting the hang of things and then you have to go back home.

there is always stress packing, getting all the school stuff together, the energy it takes…but it’ll all be worth it i keep telling myself.  i have plans in my head for all the great things we’ll do, and hopefully we’ll be able to do a lot of fun stuff.   but getting in some school is important, and alex is doing college courses right now, so hopefully it’ll be a good balance of working our minds, and getting in a lot of site seeing and beach time.

guatemala touched our hearts and souls, and was definitely a life changing family humanitarian trip.  this trip is us just being tourists, and having some fun, and getting some sun.  hopefully it will be a great adventure, and drama free.  here we go.

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