it’s 2016!…

jan. 1.  2016

upon reflection, looking back, 2015 was a pretty good year.  we had many trips, growing opportunities, family experiences, and continue to see our kids growing like crazy and becoming who they are.

we had quite a few trips this year:  jarom and i went to new york with friends to the fallon show, the family went to newport beach for a week,  jarom and alex drove to utah to switch out our yukon for a navigator, we went to guatemala for 6 weeks, moved two weeks later to a new house and new city, alex started college classes-finished her personal progress-and got her license,  jarom took the girls to zion national park and hiked the narrows,  jarom and alex drove to texas to buy a third car for our family, took alex and madison to a of monsters and men concert, jarom and i went to san diego to see of monsters and men,  we went to utah to go to a byu football game and see friends and family, jarom and i got to go to las vegas for a first class trip jarom had earned through work, and run through the warehouse.

it was a good year overall.  i continue to struggle with my health, but have found a path that i feel will be a healing one.  lyme, epstein-barr, candida, co-infections of lyme, food allergies, exhaustion…it’s all going to be turned around this year.  i will be 40 this year, and it’s time for a new chapter.

the best is yet to come.

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