garden beds…and juventa finally getting here…

thursday.  july 2.  2015

the jensen’s had us out to their place, and we got to see their awesome gardens!  they have started a non-profit, teaching the mayans how to garden, and build their own garden beds.  when they finish the classes and graduate, they get their own garden bed, and their own starters.  juventa was able to catch up to us after her long layover in mexico city over night, and catching an early flight to guatemala this morning.  it was great catching up, riding in the back of a truck going through the mountains of guatemala, chatting and catching up.   we helped the jensen’s put in three garden beds for three different families.  it’s pretty tough work!  hauling supplies through fields and up to houses, building the beds…the families were so excited and they knew exactly what to do and how to put everything together.  juventa is an avid gardener, so she helped a ton getting the seedlings planted and knew exactly where to put them.

we finished up after a few hours, and the jensens had us over for a delicious yummy lunch.  we then caught the shuttle with the door open for people to jump in and out-to solola, and then caught the chicken bus to pana.  we ran a few errands in pana, walked to the boat, caught the boat, and had quite a few kids at the dock welcome us, which was awesome.  they wanted to play, so we dropped off juventa’s stuff in the village casa, and headed to the lake.  we gave them sidewalk chalk to draw with, they didn’t quite understand what to do with it, but we kept showing them.  we then caught up with the swimmers and watched them play.  we finally headed up to our casa in the mountain, and finally made it about 5:30.  we enjoyed the evening hanging out on hammocks, and catching up on years past.   what an awesome, busy, fulfilling day.  so glad juventa finally made it after two days to get down here…what a trooper!

IMG_8008-001 IMG_7906-001 IMG_7907-001 IMG_7908-001 IMG_7909 IMG_7911-001 IMG_7914 IMG_7916-001 IMG_7918-001 IMG_7920-001 IMG_7921-001 IMG_7926 IMG_7939IMG_7927 IMG_7930 IMG_7933 IMG_7962-001 IMG_7963-001 IMG_7966-001 IMG_7967-001 IMG_7968 IMG_7969 IMG_7970 IMG_7971 IMG_7972 IMG_7973-001 IMG_7976 IMG_7977-001 IMG_7981 IMG_7991-001 IMG_7993 IMG_7999 IMG_8002-001 IMG_8004-001 IMG_8005 IMG_8009 IMG_8010-001 IMG_8012-001 IMG_8015-001 IMG_8016-001 IMG_8020-001 IMG_8022 IMG_8023-001 IMG_8024 IMG_8025-001 IMG_8026-001 IMG_8027-001 IMG_8029-001 IMG_8030-001 IMG_8037-001 IMG_8039 IMG_8043-001  IMG_7938 IMG_7905

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