being spontaneous and adventurous…

saturday.  july 4. 2015

juventa and i decided, we wanted to zipline in guatemala.  we got up early, left the boat docks at 9:00, and headed to the nature reserve.  we signed up for the 11:00 ziplining group, went to the butterfly pavilion while waiting, and then sat and hung out.  while hanging out, we noticed we had an orange wristband, and some had red.  we decided to chat with those red bandits, and found out they were ziplining the extreme course.  it was going to be another 130q,(about 16 dollars), and we decided, how often are we in guatemala ziplining?  we decided we were going to be dang adventurous, and changed our ziplining tour.  after getting suited up with all the people for the 11:00 group, we started the hike.  after about 20 minutes, the orange group had arrived at their place.  we kept hiking another 30-40 minutes…it was a pretty hard hike.  but we made it.  then we saw the course-couldn’t believe we were doing this!  it was amazing.  we hooked in, and flew over the rainforests, lake, and it was unbelievable!  by the time we hiked and did the course, we finally arrived back in pana about 3:00, and grabbed some food-we were starved!  then headed home, and chilled out for the evening.  it was such an awesome fun adventurous exciting daring courageous day!

IMG_8130 IMG_8133-001 IMG_8136-001 IMG_8147-001 IMG_8152-001 IMG_8154-001 IMG_8157 IMG_8162 IMG_8188-001 IMG_8190 IMG_8194-001 IMG_8200-001 IMG_8202-001 IMG_8209 IMG_8213-001 IMG_8214-001 IMG_8216 IMG_8217 IMG_8218-001 IMG_8219-001 IMG_8220-001 IMG_8223-001 IMG_8226 IMG_8227-001

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