pana and play…

thursday.  june 25.  2015

luciano, the 14 year old boy who takes care of the home we live in-has been a great help.  don’t get me wrong, he’s sometimes quite mischievous and a little mean with teasing the girls, but overall, he has been such a fun friend, and a great blessing.  he helps translate our little spanish into cakchiquel, and helps communicate between all of us.  he takes care of the property in the village we play at also-so he makes sure the kids don’t ruin it or destroy it.  this morning, he came and hung out and played games and did silly apps with the girls.

well, every few days, we need groceries or supplies, so to pana we go!  hike down through the village, catch a boat, 15 minute boat ride to pana, and 15 minute walk to the nearest stores-it’s such great exercise!  we hit the fruit and vegetable market, bought alex an authentic guatemalan skirt and belt, looked in a few other shops, got everyone their hair-threaded, and headed home carrying our groceries and riding the boat home.

all the kiddos in the village started following us up through the streets of the village, so i agreed we could play and they all came to the casa we rented in the village to play at.  we played ball, soccer, jump rope, and i got out the new alphabet puzzle.  they sat for a couple hours working on the puzzle, and then new kids would come over and start it over.  it’s amazing how the little things-they really don’t have.  they love to learn, they are hard workers, and they are very smart kids.  what an awesome experience it is to be able to be here and meet these sweet kids.

IMG_7534 IMG_7536 IMG_7537 IMG_7565 IMG_7561

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