lds church in panajachel…

sunday.  june 28.  2015

we have to leave almost an hour early to get to church-with the hike, boat, and hike and all.  we got there a couple minutes late, but we didn’t miss the sacrament-so we were happy!  even though i don’t speak fluent spanish, i can pick up a few words here and there.  going to a country where you aren’t fluent, but you get a sense of people and feeling the spirit is actually quite pretty cool.  you have to listen with your heart, and the spirit.

the first sunday we were here, a baby kept fussing, and they were handing him around.  i asked during sacrament meeting using my translator if i could hold him.  what a cutey!  she has let us and jess when she was here, hold her baby for the other two hours of church.  so, he’s become my little church buddy.

the kelly’s who we have gotten to hang out with a couple times and have become instant friends with, are heading to the states today for a 5 month travel tour of the u.s.  we are sad to see them go, but so grateful our time here overlapped and we were able to meet them and hang out with them.  we said our good-bye’s, and we normally don’t shop on sunday, but since this trip is different than our normal life, and we don’t ever seem to have enough food, we found a restaurant to eat dinner at.  oh, for yummy meals.  we headed home, and enjoyed the beauty and relaxation of the rest of the sabbath day.

pic’s below…a simple home in jaibalito.  a film crew in pana, church, saying good-bye to friends, and our dusk view.

IMG_7727-001 IMG_7730-001 IMG_7731-001 IMG_7748IMG_7737-001 IMG_7745-001 IMG_7747-001  IMG_7749

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