building new friendships…

sunday.  june 14.  2015

church was great.  we were only a couple minutes late…which when you are catching a public boat to get to pana, you never know how that’s going to work out.  picking up words here and there, and following along in the lessons, i could feel the spirit and needed to hear what was taught today.

the kelly’s invited us and the price’s over, and their good friend-the jensen’s, for dinner.  we had hawaiian haystacks, so yummy on our tummy’s.  we provided brownies for dessert, oh lovely chocolate.  we visited for 5 hours with these families, it was so neat to hear their stories of selling their belongings in america, and making the adventurous move to guatemala to live.  i dream of selling our stuff, and heading to europe.  the jensen’s started a non-profit, not only teaching the mayan people to set up garden boxes, but also how to garden, and what to do with the food once it has grown.  the people down here don’t know how to eat vegetables.  self-sustaining is always the best route to go.  the kelly’s started a non-profit, teaching women how to make jewelry, and the mayan women get paid really well to make it.  it’s sold in the u.s. and wherever the kelly’s travel.  what a great way to help women be creative, work for something, and help support themselves.  we really enjoyed visiting about homeschool, raising these kids differently from the world, and sharing all our different stories.

we all jumped in the back of the toyota truck, and were driven back to the docks to catch our boat home.  it was a lovely sunday.  we read family scriptures and talked about the ruins, and lake atitlan, thought to be the waters of mormon.  we had family prayer, and the girls worked on some personal progress.

just feel like it was so inspired for us to come here, and meet these families.  i have had the itch to live abroad for some time now, and hearing their stories, pushes me a little more that way.  if only we could figure out an income for jarom to make abroad…

IMG_6367 IMG_6369 IMG_6380 IMG_6382 IMG_6385IMG_6357

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