a little prep done today…excited to start classes with the village kids…

june 6.  2015

we missed meeting the price’s at the dock today, so we ended up meeting them in panajachel.  our power went out, which i guess happens frequently, but it gets fixed pretty fast.  we met up with the price’s in pana, exchanged dollars for quetzales, ate lunch(we saw elders who had come into the restaurant to use the bathroom), and we thought we would go see the atitlan reserve today-with monkeys, butterflys, and suspension bridges.  well, it was a complete downpour-and luckily they said we could come back tomorrow.  we may try after church.

we asked in a store where to get art supplies, and this girl, anna, took us to another store with no description on the outside, and it ended up being fantastic for what we needed.  we were able to get art supplies for classes the price’s and us want to do with the village kids.  we look forward to starting this next week!

we can’t wait to start spending more time in the village, with the people, and the kids.  our kids have already loved playing with the kids they have met.  walking through this working mayan village is amazing.   they have so little.  everyone works so hard.  it’s a simple life.  is it better or worse…jess and i had a great discussion about this.  if they are happy, do they need more?  would ease of things make them happier-does it make us happier?  i don’t know.

p.s.-that is our house up the mountain…it’s a good hike!

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