what should we expect in guatemala…

may 25.  2015

i think the best things to expect when visiting a new place or country is to not expect anything.  we have read what to do to be safe-basic guidelines like not being flashy with jewelry, dress modestly, and don’t stay out after dark.  we know guatemala city is a very dangerous city, that’s why we hopefully won’t be there too long, as we plan on taking a shuttle from the airport with one stop at the walmart there to gather supplies for the orphanage and children, and then on to our home three hours away.  what will the food be like, will we get parasites(probably-i’m hoping for a good weight loss parasite-kidding of course), will we find the right place and people to help out, will we figure things out and start to jive with the locals, will we be able to really help and make a difference.  all these questions and more swirling in our minds.  i think that’s what makes part of the adventure so adventurous, the not-knowing.  if it were too predictable, than it wouldn’t be as fun.   hopefully we will be guided to where we need to be, and who we need to be with.  i’m not sure if others have ever felt this way, but there have been times where one has felt so desperate and in need, and one person somehow being there in your greatest time of need and helping and bringing comfort…we hope to be able to make that difference-even just for one person.   to change one life is our hope.

i also hope for a few things for selfish reasons…like not ever hearing my girls say they have nothing to wear, or there’s nothing to eat, or that they don’t like what we are eating(or at least hearing it less).  i hope they come back with a greater and wider perspective of what they are truly blessed with.   we aren’t sure what’s in store, we hope nobody gets kidnapped or killed-where we are staying should be pretty safe since it’s a touristy area, but we do hope for memories that will change our lives for the better.

as 50% of the population of guatemala is under the age of 15, and most kids don’t finish school past 6th grade because they have to start working to help support the family, i’m secretly hoping that we will be able to do some teaching in the schools or orphanages.  i know us being there for only 6 weeks won’t permanently help these children to get past the 6th grade, but you never know what one experience can do to help someone find a way to accomplish a goal.  if we can help out with some of our donations to also pay for some of their schooling so they can continue, how awesome would that be!

having friends going down to guatemala with us is going to make the experience so much more fun and enjoyable!   we are so glad  and grateful doug and jessica price and kids are in on this grand adventure with us-they will be with us for 3 weeks!  we have raised donations together, and look forward to being able to share these donations with the people and organizations down in guatemala.

(photos of children came from the eagle’s nest international organization site)-


– a home for children without a home- solola guatemala

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