guatemala…getting closer…

may 23.  2015

we are excited, nervous, a bit scared, and then excited again.  guatemala is only 9 days away!  we are flying spirit airlines, for the reason that their tickets were a few hundred dollars less than everyone else’s…but that’s going to be an adventure in and of itself…we’ll be fined and billed for every little thing i’m sure.

the five hour flight, five hour layover, three hour connecting flight into guatemala city, and then the three hour van ride to lake atitlan where we will be living for six weeks will be a long day.  our girls have been amazing traveling in the past, but we’re sure it’ll be a huge adventure just getting there.

being inspired by the documentary, “living on one dollar,” we felt so strongly we needed to come to guatemala.  and even though these guys lived on one dollar a day showing how difficult and what a struggle life is in guatemala, and living in a hut with mud floors, camden turned to me and asked if we were going to live in a hut.  I reminded her how i don’t like to camp at all, and we will have a home to live in, and how lucky she is…and how lucky we all are.

we are excited for the adventure, and to be able to help out others, especially in the 4th poorest country in the world.  we hope to do good, and to change our minds and hearts to more of what’s really important in life-helping others.  it’s not money or things.  we hope our kids learn and remember this, so their lives will be grounded in more important things than the ways of the world.  our minds are filled with ideas of how to help out, and things to go see and do with our kids, and getting into the life and culture of living in south america.

the house we have rented is pretty cool!  the woman who owns it is from belgium-and you can see the european influence along with the south american influence.  it’s a quaint 2 bedroom-1 bathroom home-but i absolutely love the architecture.   it’s on a hill overlooking the ancient mayan village of jaibalito, and the views will be amazing.  it will be an adventure climbing up to it daily(i may have to borrow the mule to ride up), but it will be worth the views of the lake and the three volcanoes surrounding the lake.  it hopefully will be our own little refuge, and place to enjoy nature, peace, and the sounds from the village.  living on an acre and half, and having access to the owners garden of fresh fruit, veggies and herbs will hopefully be wonderful.  some comforts we will be grateful for.

One thought on “guatemala…getting closer…

  1. So close:). I am so excited to meet you guys down there for a week!!! Keep me posted via e-mail for any lessons learned that I may need before I come. So excited:)

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