sweet beekeeping…

may 3. 2015

being beekepers is something we have really enjoyed.  2014 was our first year having bees, and our harvest was plentiful with just one hive.  the raw, unfiltered honey with pollen in it is supposed to be one of nature’s most complete, nutritious superfoods in the world.  eating honey from our bees that we harvested was also very fulfilling.  the girls felt very proud of their work and learning about the process.

when we harvested last year, we either tramatized the bees too much, took too much honey and didn’t leave enough, or killed the queen during the process, because the hive left.  so this year we bought two hives, have two beehive boxes, and are hoping for great queens, since they dictate how the hive will run.  it’s so amazing learning about these great creatures, watching them in action, and seeing the honeycomb and honey come about from their hard work.  brilliant.

IMG_5240 IMG_5241 IMG_5242 IMG_5243

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