mormon prom…alex’s first fancy dance…

IMG_5052 IMG_5053 IMG_5054 IMG_5055 IMG_5056

may 1.  2015

christian asked alex to mormon prom by leaving little notes with teachers to give her and in her locker, and at the end of the day, her lacrosse coach called her over after practice, and christian came over and gave her flowers and asked her to prom.  alex filled a box with starbursts with a cute reply and balloons and had christian carry it around school as her reply.  so fun.

let’s just say, 2 1/2 weeks to find a modest prom dress is no fun.  i scoured websites looking for a good deal on a dress, that’s modest, and that is in stock and doesn’t need tailoring, and it’s almost impossible.  almost.  but my determination continued, and after countless hours of alex and i pouring over pinterest and online websites, even looking in the mall, i found one online.  it even came a week before mo prom.

the day of prom, we got alex’s makeup done at the sephora near our house that had just opened for the first time that day-lucky!  found her converse next, got her nails done(which she paid for with her own money), went by the grocery and our friend happened to be working and made the boutonniere for free as a gift to alex, and we got home in time for alex to get her hair done, slide on her new dress, with a few minutes to spare.

watching christian walk down the walkway and see alex was so exciting.  they exchanged flowers, we took pics at the house, then met up with the group to take group pictures.  they headed off to dinner, the dance, and the after party playing games at a friends home.  i can’t believe my daughter is old enough for this, or that we are old enough this!  they looked so great-christian wore pink to match alex, including pink socks, and the converse they wore were the best part:)   totally vintage and adorable!

IMG_4931 IMG_4927 IMG_4925 IMG_4918 IMG_4914 IMG_4911 IMG_4908 IMG_4907 IMG_4899 IMG_4893 IMG_4889 IMG_4666 IMG_4665

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