family vacay…

march.  2015

oh, the horrors of public school.  i can’t wait for alex to be out of public school this year, so i can take a bloody vacay when i want and not when someone tells me to.  california was busy and crazy, because…it was their spring break too.  and traffic back and forth from l.a. to newport beach was horrendous-worse than d.c. traffic any day!  nevertheless, we had so much fun.  we did a tour of l.a. and beverly hills our first day(the girls seeing the house from iron man was a huge highlight for them), and then headed to newport beach where we were staying.  we tried huntington beach and a couple others, but we found our spot near balboa island on newport beach we loved.  the small shops, pizza and ice cream parlor, so much fun!  we also took a day and went down to san diego/la jolla area where i lived for a short time, and hit up the awesome beach down there and strolled memory lane for a bit.  we did a whale watching trip, easter egg hunt on the beach(though it was rather short since you could see the eggs on the beach-we didn’t want to bury them for fear we would never find them!).  jarom and i went and got in line for the price is right, and even though we didn’t get called up, it was an experience just being in the crowd.  the girls loved the ocean and boogy-boarding, it was just a lovely week to get away and spend time together!

VIRB Picture VIRB Picture VIRB Picture VIRB Picture VIRB Picture VIRB Picture IMG_4640 VIRB Picture VIRB Picture VIRB Picture VIRB Picture IMG_4631 IMG_4630 IMG_4629 IMG_4628 IMG_4627 IMG_4626 IMG_4625 IMG_4622 IMG_4609 VIRB Picture VIRB Picture IMG_4597 VIRB Picture VIRB Picture IMG_4535 IMG_4556 IMG_4559 IMG_4560 IMG_4566 IMG_4575 IMG_4580 IMG_4531 IMG_4523 IMG_4501 IMG_4496 IMG_4473 IMG_4469 IMG_4468 IMG_4454 IMG_4431 IMG_4430 IMG_4399 IMG_4388 IMG_4380 IMG_4368 IMG_4366 IMG_4363 IMG_4343 IMG_4338 IMG_4330 IMG_4328

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