a fun idea…

february 2.  2015


so we have been blessed in having another family start homeschooling in our ward.  they are a lot of fun, and chill people, which balances out me.  we have come up with a fun idea, and it may never come to anything, but i am a dreamer, and i dream of traveling the world.  having someone else pay for it wouldn’t be a bad idea either:)  we have planned a 6 week trip to guatemala…having watching livingononedollar , we were inspired.  we will be there for six weeks, our friends, the price’s, for 3 weeks.  we would love to do this all over the world, hence our idea…

outnumbered and on the run…

we have made a video…it explains it all…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoEfoBDtWKw

oh, and if you would like to make a donation to the children and families of guatemala(100% goes to them)…anything, from $1 to whatever you want…please go here:





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