la jolla getaway…

nov. 2014

jarom had a couple of days work in california, and he bought me a ticket, and told me i was going with him.  i’m pretty good at talking him out of things, but he had bought the ticket and it was done.  we found an amazing grandma in our ward to watch the girls for a couple of days, and we were off!

our first day we visited beaches i hung out on when i lived there, walked boardwalk’s, ate dinner along the boardwalk, watched the sun set, stopped by the san diego temple, and loved just being together.

this was time for just us to spend together, but some therapy time for me, writing letters to my parents and releasing all the heartache i’ve bottled up for years.  my mother died 9 years ago, but just made a lot of bad choices in her life, including the three husbands she had married, the last being just as bad as the others.  i won’t go into a lot of details, since they are very personal, but being able to walk out of our hotel right onto the beach while jarom was at work, and have the day to myself to unload all the sad and negative feelings i’ve been carrying around all these years was a very peaceful experience.  thanks to an awesome lds therapist who has helped me close the past, and teach me better skills for the future, has been such a tremendous blessing.  he has helped me and changed my life for so much better, including my marriage and relationship with my kids.  my thinking has changed about things, and trying to change negative thinking and relationship patterns has also been such a great help.  nothing is ever perfect, but i’m always wanting to move forward, to be better, to do better.  it’s definitely a journey for sure.

thank you la jolla.  and of course, my sweetheart.

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