crossing the border…to utah…

nov.  2014

i’ve never been much of a utah fan…but i’m warming up to visiting people there.  jarom had a work trip there, so we decided to tag along.  we drove over monday, and alex flew in wednesday night, and we stayed until sunday.  it was great being together, and doing things our kids haven’t done yet.

things we did:  temple square in salt lake city, lds bookstore, city creek mall, visiting anne-marie waldron(friend from boston), visited julie and daniel(jarom’s sister and bro-in-law), lunch’d with the grandparents, had dinner with bobbie tanner(friend from boston) and her family, did a private byu tour atop the kimball building, went to a byu game, shopped outlets, hung out with the whitby’s(friends from evergreen that we also spent time with in france), and made it back home having enjoyed such a wonderful trip.

IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2745 IMG_2747 IMG_2761 IMG_2772 IMG_2782 IMG_2876 IMG_2877 IMG_2878 IMG_2882 IMG_2883 IMG_2951 IMG_2952 IMG_2953 IMG_2954 IMG_2955 IMG_2956 IMG_2957 IMG_2958

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