apple tree, here we come…

nov.  2014

we had an amazing, full apple tree this year, probably because of all the bees in the hive below it.  the tree would be singing for weeks when the bees were pollinating it.  the apples were crisp, sweet, and delicious.  and for months, we would walk out into the yard to play, and pull off our delicious treat to snack on as we would walk around the yard.  so fantastic.  we employed the lds missionaries, since they kept asking if they could do any service for us, to help us get all the apples off the tree.  little did we know, that meant lacrosse sticks and climbing the tree.  no ladders were involved, they were just sitting off to the side.  but they did it.  we had so many apples to give to friends and neighbors, it was such a treat.  then the reward, besides eating an apple, was jumping out on the trampoline together.


IMG_2679 IMG_2680 IMG_2686 IMG_2687 IMG_2715

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