becoming beekepeers…

april-sept.  2014

becoming beekeepers has been absolutely fascinating.  from picking up our bees, putting the hive together, and learning about these phenomenal creatures has been adventurous.  harvesting the honey they made in only six months, was also an adventure.   jarom learned to not beekeep at night, where about 25 bees went up his pants and stung him.  i learned that wondering bees will get stuck in your hair and when you freak out they will probably sting your face.  we have amazing neighbors who have about 15 hives, so we have been very fortunate in having experts right next to us.  now, eating honey that has come from our bees in our yard and harvested by us is absolutely gratifying.

having a daughter who loves graphic design has been great…she made us a family bee label for our beehive farm.  this has been such a fun family project.

IMG_1934-001 IMG_1940-001 IMG_1942-001 IMG_1944-001 IMG_1945-001 IMG_1949-001 IMG_1959-001 IMG_2037-001 IMG_2039-001 IMG_2040-001IMG_2239 IMG_2392 IMG_2393

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