storage toy room to cozy toy room…

august.  2014

you get moved in, and get things to the proper rooms, and usable, and then you realize after a few months…why the heck is this room ok to me?  after realizing the toy room was actually an embarrassment and something i dreaded coming down the stairs to, i got going.  i love selling things on craigslist, and taking that money to restoration hardware outlet, and finding super awesome deals.  and voila…a cute and welcoming room…far different than how it started.

p.s.  i loved finding the huge cuddly bear for the toy room at costco, was like being a kid again and getting the biggest present of all…didn’t even mind all the stares i got in the store:0

IMG_1867-001   IMG_1868-001

The after!!!


IMG_1880-001 IMG_1881-001 IMG_1882-001IMG_1691-001 IMG_1755-001

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