oh, a few reasons i love homeschool…

aug.  2014

i won’t get into all the reasons why i can’t stand public school…bureaucracy, red tape, propaganda, tenure, teaching for tests…yada yada yada.  but i will tell you a few reasons why i love my kids learning at home.

1.  we learn and explore things together-it’s fascinating, fun, and we make wonderful memories together.

2.  the kids grow up making memories with each other, instead of strangers that aren’t permanent in their lives.

3.  i know what they are learning, and i love instilling in them to love to learn, to be fascinated, amazed, and wonder at things.

4.  i love they each learn at their own pace, and can go faster if something interests them, and spend as much time as they’d like on it.

5.  i don’t have to check my kids out, drop them off, pick them up, run them, do homework, do parent participation at the school, wonder what my kids are learning, who they are being influenced by…

6.  i love teaching them the gospel, sitting with them in the morning, reading scriptures, memorizing important gospel essentials, teaching them manners and how to be considerate(hard to find in the world), and listening and learning about classical music with them.  it’s a lovely way to start our day!

7.  i love that we learn to understand a principle, and that we aren’t learning for a grade.

8.  i love that my children write plays and act and play together, climb trees, cook, clean, work, play, and everything in between together.

9.  i love knowing they have a safe environment to learn, without criticism(i try my best), without bullying, without rushing, without teasing.  i have more time to teach them the gospel, and give them more time for them to develop who they are and who they want to be without constant bombardment of worldly pressure.

10.  i love my kids learning proper socialization skills from me, their mother, as we go out in the world and interact with others, teaching love and sympathy, teaching kindness and service.  i have more time to do these things instead of a couple hours in the evening which would normally be filled with homework, dinner, and bed.

11.  i love the time.  i love being with them.  i miss them when i’m not with them…may sound funny, but they are my buddies.  we do everything together.  life isn’t perfect, easy, or peaceful all the time, but i love whatever the calm or storm of the day is, we go through it together.

Below:  art done on own and together, plays, eating honey from honeycomb at our neighbors, cam doin’ her thing in the kitchen!

IMG_1573-001 IMG_1658-001 IMG_1700-001 IMG_1704-001 IMG_1758-001 IMG_1762-001 IMG_1766-001 IMG_1909-001 IMG_1934-001

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