my man training for the ironman…

august.  2014

jarom loves to run.  i don’t undertstand runners, and how they love to run.  but i love that he loves to run.  and he wants to train for an ironman.  this guy is a full time husband and father, consults for 70+ hours a week, has a church calling, and i love that he can fit in time here and there to run.  sometimes he can’t, but he decided he wanted to do a triathlon a few weeks before, and just trained a few times and did it.  i would still be out on the course somewhere, probably drowning in the water.  he’s amazing.  we loved seeing him cross the finish line, on the beautiful day it was by the reservoir.  we are proud of you daddy!

2J7A6244 2J7A6245 2J7A6246 2J7A6247 2J7A6248 2J7A6249 2J7A6251 2J7A6253 2J7A6255

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