trip to az…memory lane…4th of july…20th hs reunion…

july 2014…

i have only been back to my home town a couple of times since i graduated from high school 20 years ago.  there’s something about this small town, that i never really cared for.  and most of the people i grew up with still live in this small town, or have moved not very far away.  for me, that was never an option.  i couldn’t wait to get out, see the world, and experience new things.  small towns can be really annoying, and weird.  but nevertheless, our 4th of july trip was entertaining, enjoyable, and a trip down memory lane for me to share with the hubby and kids, and the family friends we stayed with were so much fun.  their daughter has three kids, and our kids all played together so well.  and we did jamberry nails, which are the cutest things ever!

our weekend consisted of the 4th of july parade, a concert and fireworks on the ‘ol high school football field…my 20th reunion, and you’d think after 20 years, people have maybe become more confident, or have changed, but mostly everyone was the same, and sitting with the same people they hung out with in high school.  so weird! 

on our way out of town, we stopped by the snowflake temple, four corners, and stayed the night in durango, co.-thank goodness for the green mountains, and streams that we were able to come back to! overall it was a great trip, and really had a lot of fun with the hubby and kids.


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