no sugar for a month…ok…just a little chocolate…


so we decided, or i decided, and everyone was great in following, no sugar for a month.  we ate meat, fruit, veggies, and almonds for a month.  there were a handful of times we did have some chocolate, because frankly, i thought i would die without it.  but we did awesome, all six of us.  we are already gluten free because we have to be, so not having bread wasn’t hard.  no i just crave delish meals like these…

IMG_0009 IMG_0039 IMG_0246-001 IMG_0249-001 IMG_0251-001 IMG_0263-001 IMG_0286-001 IMG_0288-001 IMG_0301-001 IMG_0332-001 IMG_0437 IMG_0439 IMG_0442 IMG_1454-001 IMG_1575-001

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