2014 girls camp…


did i mention our ward here is awesome?  and also, colorado is just amazing.  our girls went to lake dillon for girls camp, and on the way up, went ziplining, and on the way back home, went white water rafting.  what memorable experiences, and awesome adventures.  i love that our girls were able to go and have such a great, positive time.  thank you amazing women in the young women program in our ward!

IMG_0592 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0629 IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646


And the after girls camp party and video…


IMG_0697 IMG_0702 IMG_0696 IMG_0695 IMG_0694 IMG_0692

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