my day…mother’s day…

may.  2014

i have heard a lot of mother’s over the years say they don’t like mother’s day, because it reminds them of all the things they fell short in as a mother.  well i say, don’t look at it that way.  here’s how i look at it.  it’s a day i get to spend with my family, being served, not having to clean up, being waited on, and having a day for ME where i catch a break, because, as we all know, being a mother is a blessing and a never-ending job.  so if i get a day off, so be it!  bring me my crumpets i say!

i have never seen such sweet cards from my kids…warmed my soul and made me feel so good.  good thing we are focusing on the good things mother’s do today:)  gives a good motherhood booster.

IMG_0285-2 IMG_0286-2  IMG_0290-2 IMG_0292-2

IMG_0297-002 IMG_0298-002

IMG_0294-2chicken and artichoke hearts…so good.


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