madison is 13!…

may 2.  2014

wow, i can’t believe madison is 13!  the days of hospital rooms, feeding tubes, and daily therapies still feel like a few weeks ago.  she has come such a long way.  she has such a sweet and tender heart, we are so blessed to have you!

in this last year, madison is getting better at math, learned she loves volleyball, loves to serve, had a blast at girls camp ziplining and water rafting, even though is small-can hike and kick hiney-never complaining and never giving up. 

this year was a friend party.  madison’s day started with bird watching with nadia, hanging out, opening family gifts, having friends over, taking them to play racquetball and swim, eating pizza and cake and opening presents.  it was a fun filled day!  now i need a rest.


IMG_0001-2 IMG_0152-2 IMG_0153-2 IMG_0158-001 IMG_0169-2 IMG_0176-2 IMG_0185-2 IMG_0192-2

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