jarom’s surprise 40th-

august 2013

jarom’s surprise party turned out awesome!  we held it at the inn that was in our neighborhood, and got such a steal on the place.  the power did go out half way through the party because the whole mountain lost power, but it just added to the ambiance:)  i made jarom a table out of old upcycled wood, him and i made our own cutting board for the french bread, and he helped me with the  cupcake stand in which he sawed trees to make!  handmade sewn linen napkins, stamped cards…It was awesome.

his sister julie made the main dish, which was amazing, and i did the desserts.  the french bread came from an authentic french bakery, from a couple from france…to die for! 

more of his family ended up coming into town that previously thought, because he was set apart to be put into the high council.  that was a neat experience.  all in all, it was a lovely weekend!  Happy 40th!



One thought on “jarom’s surprise 40th-

  1. Thanks for inviting us. It was really fun. Thanks also for keeping us in the loop. Helen O.

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