trek family party-

july-august.  2013


so we were very blessed to go on trek this year as a ma and pa, to martin’s cove, where the original mormon pioneers suffered and sacrified as they crossed the plains with little food in freezing weather. they wanted to come to Zion(SLC), where the restored church was being established.  they were looking for a refuge from religious persecution, and they sacrificed everything they had to worship Christ freely.  i will catch up on our trek and adventures soon, but here are pic’s from most of our trek family coming to the party, along with other “adopted” children we got to know along the way.  what great and excellent youth!  we were missing a son and daughter, they live a couple hours away…and hope to have them at our next family reunion!


2J7A4410-3 2J7A4416-3 2J7A4420-3 2J7A4427-3 2J7A4429-3 2J7A4434-3 2J7A4436-3 2J7A4437-3 2J7A4439-3 2J7A4450-3 2J7A4452-3 2J7A4454-3 2J7A4456-3 2J7A4467-3 2J7A4480-3 2J7A4493-3 2J7A4497-3 2J7A4506-3 2J7A4512-2 2J7A4518-2 2J7A4520-2 2J7A4522-2 2J7A4523-2 2J7A4534-2 2J7A4537-2 2J7A4548-2

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