oh, the fun of backdrops…


it’s amazing what a backdrop can do.  taking pictures has been such a blast, and my girls love being models.  i  also have a little assistant, camden, who loves to come up with props and poses for everyone, it’s great.  she’s an excellent photographer!  i have loved having this creative outlet to help me in photography and editing.  lots to learn though…but it’s fun.

2J7A3815-2-2 2J7A3823-2-2 2J7A3831-2 2J7A3849-2 2J7A3860-2 2J7A3866-2 2J7A3875-2 2J7A3892-2 2J7A3903-2 2J7A3904-2 2J7A3905-2 2J7A3932-2 2J7A3947-2 2J7A3965-2 2J7A3984-2 2J7A3997-2 2J7A4011-2 2J7A4028-2 2J7A4037-2 2J7A4041-2 2J7A4046-2 2J7A4050-2

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