fires near our home…

july.  2013

jarom and i walk the neighborhood at night, and one night, saw hundreds of people camping at the elementary school near our neighborhood.  then talking to one of our neighbors, they were making cookies to take to the servicemen.  i had recently prayed for something fulfilling to do, and the opportunity arised.  our neighbors had inspired us, and i decided to call local companies to see if they would donate food.  qdoba, wanted to donate, but told the firefighters would be getting their food from red cross, and then I called.  they were already ready and had corporate approval, amazing!  they donated fixings for 100 burritos, and we went and dropped the yummy food off.  we met these young girls, who ended up being from idaho, and also, mormon.  i grew to love these sweet girls who volunteered their summers as firefighters, what amazing women!  we then called some more companies, and they donated cupcakes and yummy goods.  it was so fun delivering these goods, and seeing how happy they were to get them.  it was a wonderful experience.



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