nadia turns 5!!!…

april 29.  2013

it’s hard to believe, that five years ago, we were waiting for the call that she was born.  three days later, jarom and i drove to leticia’s house, and we picked up nadia.  we can’t even tell you how smart and wonderful this little one is.  she memorized most of the living christ with us at the age of 3.  she was speaking 3-4 work sentences at 18 months, and full on sentences at 3.  she started reading small words at 3, and now loves to read dr. seuss and other books to me, along with trying to read the scriptures.  we are so blessed to have this sweet girl in our lives.  our heavenly father knew she was meant to be with us!

so nadia picked french toast for breakfast, and helped make it!  then we stopped by a store, and used her money from grandma to buy her a new dress.  our next stop was the zoo, which is always fun, and was quite warm that day.  we had hawaiian haystacks for dinner, and homemade gluten free belgian chocolate chip cupcakes for her birthday cake!

here is nadia reading me the friend this morning…

IMG_2777-2 IMG_2778-2 IMG_2780 IMG_2781-2 IMG_2786 IMG_2787-2 IMG_2789-2 IMG_2812-2 IMG_2816 IMG_2818-2 IMG_2821 IMG_2823-2 IMG_2825

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