my sister and her family’s visit…

april 4-9th.  2013

my sister and i haven’t lived near each other since i left for college.  we have been on the east coast for 12 years, until a year ago.  we finally moved west to colorado, and three weeks later, my sister moves east to north carolina.  what luck.  someday, hopefully we’ll be by each other, and our kids will get to play with their cousins more.

we had a wonderful time during their visit…going on walks, visiting the zoo and getting fro-yo, fishing the lake, making good food, and getting a little time in to stamp some jewelry, it was lovely.  valerie even did a treasure hunt for the kids to do-so awesome!   my sister is amazing…a great friend, mother, and wife.  john, her husband, is also a great man.  he is a great match for her.  and what spunky and fun little boys they have!  thanks for coming, sista!

by the way, cam has proven to be quite fearless when it comes to fishing, gutting, and preparing the fish.  quite the outdoorsman!


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One thought on “my sister and her family’s visit…

  1. wow! your sister and you look like twins. Cam: Is that my hat you are wearing or did Madison make you one just like mine?

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