museum of nature and science…

march.  2013


on a side note…another great reason for homeschooling, is that you can do museums at any time.  we went with friends during spring break, and it was packed!  we didn’t stay long because i don’t care for crowds, but did go see the new mammoth exhibit.  the mammoth exhibit is absolutely phenomenal.  we really enjoyed what we saw. and surprise, surprise, daddy showed up and spent the rest of the day with us.  love that guy!


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6 thoughts on “museum of nature and science…

  1. are you planning more trips like last summer? If you are let me know so I can take my grandchildren and we can go as a group?

    • I’m not planning any organized trips this summer…but probably last minute trips:) too much going on…girls camps, efy, madison has surgery in july, and the trek, I just can’t do any more! If we think of something ahead of time, I will email you!

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