jarom’s sister visits…

april 19-22.  2013

kara got in on friday, and we went to a rockies game with her and some friends.  it was a little chilly, but nevertheless, the girls got to practice spitting sunflower seed shells.  it was awesome!  we also went fishing on a beautiful day at the platte river, and i had fun walking around the lake and near the river with nadia taking lots of pictures.  we  enjoyed sunday dinner with kara and friends.  it was a good visit.

2J7A3518-2 2J7A3521-2-2 2J7A3524-2-2 2J7A3526-2 2J7A3527-2-2 2J7A3530-2 2J7A3558-2 2J7A3561-2-2 2J7A3562-2-2 2J7A3564-2-2 2J7A3589-2 IMG_2729-001 IMG_2732-2 IMG_2734-2 IMG_2736-2 IMG_2737-2 IMG_2738-2 IMG_2740-2 IMG_2741-2 IMG_2744-2 IMG_2748 IMG_2750-001 IMG_2752-001 IMG_2753-2 IMG_2754-001-2

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