our soonest move ever…

march 1.  2013

when we moved to colorado, we found a home in the mountains that was huge and beautiful, but the catch was, it was a good deal because they were leaving it on the market, and you would have to show the home, and if it sold, then you would have to vacate.  but the owner told us it had only shown about 3 times in the last year and a half.  so we figured, let’s try it!

well, the home probably ended up showing about 30 times in the year we were there.  so, i guess he rounded down by a lot.  it’s something i wouldn’t do again, but i am glad we got to spend time on that side of the mountain and get to know people in our ward over there, and where things are.  the owner ended up foreclosing, and we didn’t want to hang out wondering when to leave.  so we left right at the year mark.  packing a 7,000 square foot home, four kids, two garages, and a partridge in a pear tree, we packed, and moved across the mountain.

the move went really well, a few hitches of course, but we made it.   the Lord blessed us with a beautiful home, in a beautiful part of the mountains, and the timing was absolutely heaven sent.  our children are absolutely amazing-we unpacked the house in a day and a half.  (minus the school room and Jarom’s stuff).  we had things hanging on walls and decor up by week 2, so we must be getting good at this!   three moves in three years is the most frequent we’ve ever moved.  we would like to stay here for about two years, and try to get a job abroad.  we’ll see how our dreams play out.

IMG_2586-2 IMG_2592-2 IMG_2579-2 IMG_2577 IMG_2578-2

2J7A3566-2 IMG_2639-2

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