new easter traditions…

march 31.  2013

some friends gave us this idea, and it is now our new tradition.  we do baskets and egg hunting on saturday, and then focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.  we did a big easter egg hunt with families in our ward a couple weeks before Easter, and then had our Easter weekend with close friends.  it was a lovely day, and we enjoyed relaxing on the Sabbath.

the greatest hard boiling egg tip-put eggs in muffin tin…cook at 350degrees for 20 minutes.  easy, yummy!

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One thought on “new easter traditions…

  1. I was caught without a smile but had so much fun I was out there with the kids looking for eggs also. Looking forward to next year. It was nice to meet with friends again who moved out of our ward. With fond memories: Helen Olsten

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