april.  2013

our little madison has been through so much in her life.  we are grateful to have her.  we have been to children’s frequently over the past nine months, getting all sorts of things tested in her little body and mind, to see where she is at.  we had her hormones tested, which was a six hour iv test, where they would inject hormones, and see how her body would respond.  her body responded really well.  so even though her bone growth is 3 years behind her age, her hormones are still doing what they need to do.  she will grow for an additional three years after her peers, which is good news for her.

she will be going in for surgery in july, for a pharyngeal flap-to bridge the back of the throat, so when she speaks, her throat will close like it should, so she will be able to speak more clearly and project more loudly.  i also feel, as she has also mentioned, that she will feel better about herself.  i’m not looking forward to another surgery, but this will be the beginning of her new young woman life.

we go to speech therapy once a week, and after a session last week, we decided to go get a pedicure.  it was awesome, i don’t know why i don’t do it more often.  she wanted one also, and paid for it with her money.  it was a fun day with her.

IMG_2722-2 IMG_2727

4 thoughts on “madison…

  1. Brooke had pharyngeal flap surgery a few ears ago and I’m glad she did. Her speech was much improved. We will be doing endocrinology testing this July at children’s hosp (Philadelphia). We will see what happens!

  2. Go Madison!! next time you want a pedicure let’s go together. I never had a pedicure yet. It would be so much fun. You can show me the ropes!! Love ya

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