gluten free and dairy free delicious meals…

march-april.  2013

going gluten free and dairy free has never been easier.  we have replaced our flour with delicious gluten free flour and other mixes to make whatever is needed.  we make yummy cookies, waffles, cupcakes and other foods with our flour, and you can’t tell.  the gluten free bread mix we make is absolutely mouth-watering.   dairy also just makes my stomach mad, and after watching the documentary foodmatters and other food documentaries, i am ever more convinced of our family eating less dairy.

authentic foods-delicous flour and mixes

chebe bread-easy mixes and good

daiya cheese-pricey, but can last a meal or two if you use it for added flavor, and not as a thick layer of cheese.  my kids love this cheese, as do i.-so yummy!

almond milk is our favorite-the girls love the chocolate almond milk, and i cook and bake with the regular-no sugar added.  silk brand is non-gmo too!

brown rice noodles are our favorite!  the lasagna noodles are delicious too.  this was such an easy and healthy lasagna, throwing in a little zucchini to add a little more yummy!

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One thought on “gluten free and dairy free delicious meals…

  1. Now if to that you can find sugar free, low glycemic, low fat recipes I could eat this food which looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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