did i mention, i have the coolest husband ever?…

april. 2013

i have been extremely blessed having a husband that is fully supportive in all we do.  homeschooling has been “our” decision, and he and i have never looked back.  we absolutely love it, and all that it means and time it  provides our children…

so the other day when he was working from home, he heard the girls doing their exercise cd, and he came up to join them.  what an awesome dad!  and, the girls and i had fun doing a taxonomy lesson, and learning about classification…what better way than sorting shoes into phylum.

homeschooling is so great-and when we go places, sometimes the girls get opportunities to do things they otherwise wouldn’t get to do.  they got to go behind the counter and enter in colors to mix paint, and do the whole process.  they loved it.


IMG_2668 IMG_2669 IMG_2670 IMG_2672 IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2675 IMG_2676 IMG_2711 IMG_2712 IMG_2713

IMG_2630 IMG_2631 IMG_2632

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