valentine’s day…

feb. 14.  2013

we wanted to do something a little more than buy a stuffed animal or toy for our kids this year.  those end up going in bins…and then end up going into the next garage sale.  so we surprised the girls, and took madison, cam, and nadia out-which is special for us.  we went to a music store, and rented violins for camden and madison, who have wanted to play them for a long time.  they were so excited!  while at the music store, we found the most awesome ukelele for alex.  she got one for Christmas, but it wasn’t what she had really wanted.  so we scooped up the instruments, and headed to lunch together…yardhouse-yum!  we then headed up to alex’s charter school, where we caught her at lunch, and surprised her with her new uke.  she was so excited!  and i actually picked a uke that she absolutely loved!  it was a fun day.  and my honey, sent me my fave flowers- ranunculus.  nadia did get a toy, which has proven to be a good choice-wooden food which she loves to play with.  it was such a fun and enjoyable day with my sweet girls!


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One thought on “valentine’s day…

  1. What a great idea! Kids look so cute with their new instruments as well as Nadia who is always so cute. Some of my grandchildren play violin so maybe they can get together sometime. Are you doing the spring/summer fling like last year-going to see sights?

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