our amazing race tryouts…

jan.  2013

oh, how much we love traveling and seeing new things.  and how much we love watching the amazing race, and the adventures those teams go through.  so when a friend mentioned tryouts were in denver, jarom and I knew we had to go for it.  yes, there are probably billions of teams trying out, but it was just fun being together.

we found out they wouldn’t let teams line up until 5am, so we left our house a little after 10pm the night before, got there a little after 11pm, and somewhat went in and out of consciousness until a little before 4am.  One team got out of their car, and went and sat by the front door of dick’s sporting goods.  so i think all the rest of us in our cars were keeping watch.  once I started hearing car doors opening and closing, I told jarom I was heading out.  he still wanted to keep sleeping, but I wouldn’t have it.  by the time I grabbed our chairs to get our spot, we were the 7th team in line, which actually , was awesome!  by the time the doors opened at 10am, the line wrapped around three sides of the building, and there were over 200 teams in line.   some super cool lady bought bags of breakfast burritos, and just shared them with everyone-so cool!  the news crew came, and interviewed the first couple teams, and teams throughout the lines, but we didn’t make the cut.  probably too normal looking.  but it was still awesome!

once inside, we signed a waiver, and headed over to one of two areas where the camera crews were set up.  we originally wrote a little rap song about us, and alex helped, but we read they didn’t want you reading anything.  so we winged it, and our minute went so fast, i don’t remember much of what we said!  but it was fun being there with my honey!  we had so much fun watching a funny sitcom, and chatting, and staying warm for the six hour sidewalk wait.  great memories!

they will have callbacks in february for those they would like to interview again.  that would be awesome, i’m not going to lie!  if it happens, i’ll post.  but honestly, i’m not holding my breath, but still think how awesome it would be!

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