relief society christmas party at my house…

december.  2012

we had a lovely christmas party, 30 women showed up!  that’s amazing for our small ward.  we had briscuit, homemade artisan european breads, chocolates to take home, and a cookie exchange with our own pedestal platters to take them home on.  we also had a beautiful harp and vocal performance.  it was lovely, a lot of work, but lovely.  we did the jar story, where everyone brings a gift in a jar, and while the story is told, you have to hand it off left or right.  it was fun, but i still think white elephant is a lot more fun!  it was a lovely evening.

i was excited to make the cookie platters, since i had loved it last year in georgia at a christmas cookie exchange i had attended.  my cookies for the cookie exchange were chocolate in between ritz crackers, dipped in belgian dark chocolate, and sprinkled with andes mints.  my gift in my jar was a hand stamped necklace i had made, that said, “love your journey,” with a sterling silver chain and a pearl.  it turned out lovely.

IMG_2371 IMG_2369 IMG_2368 IMG_2366 IMG_2365 IMG_2360

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