what we looked like with all our bags arriving to denver from europe…

jan.  29.  2013

it’s taken me awhile to get back into blogging.  maybe because the demands of life are relentless.  so many things going on, but i wanted to post this great picture of us arriving to denver.  remember, it was just me and four kids, about 12 pieces of luggage including backpacks and bags and suitcases.  it feels like a dream that we were even there, but i’m so glad it wasn’t.

jarom had flowers for all of us, the car filled with balloons, and a sign he had made to welcome us home.  i can’t even say how amazing this wonderful man of mine is.  what a blessing, i’m grateful for him everyday!  it was great sleeping in my own bed, especially after traveling for over 24 hours.  home sweet home!


IMG_2202 IMG_2200 IMG_2199 IMG_2198 IMG_2195 IMG_2197

2 thoughts on “what we looked like with all our bags arriving to denver from europe…

  1. I was thinking about you because it’s almost been a year since you abandoned me. And also because I made cupcakes for Reasor’s birthday (and naturally I wished you had made them). For your next trip y’all should speak French in Quebec. But you might as well fly to Toronto and make it a road trip from there. Or fly to Toronto and then I will speak French to you here. Did I tell you we moved to Canada? They speak French here. Love you!

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