our last day here in magalas, france…

october 15.  2012

today, monday, is our last day here.  we wanted to see one more market before we left, so we went to valras-plage, where the market was today.  it wasn’t anything like the one we went to in pezenas…small, not a lot of people selling things, but we found a lovely woman selling small flower purses.  so each girl has one now, from france.

we walked down to the beach, and said our good-bye’s.  we have made so many wonderful memories throughout these almost 6 weeks.  adventure can come in so many ways…like driving a stick shift down some steps and wondering if you’ll have to stay the night in your van the first night you arrive.  or backing into a wall.  or sitting with friends in an ancient village eating a croissant.  or seeing medieval castles.  or sharing two bathrooms with nine people(which wasn’t even an issue).  or reading french road signs and using a gps that has old maps.  or walking into a boulangerie and getting fresh baked baguettes and croissants.  or driving through the countryside in france admiring in awe the green covered hills with vineyards.  what an amazing trip.  i hope and dream and will work and look forward to all the adventures life will bring, and that i will get to do.

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