this week with our friends…they just moved to spain and came to france to see us for the week…

oct.  8-12th

our last week-not ready to go home!

monday- we have been so excited for our friends from our colorado ward that have moved to spain this year, to come up to france and visit.  we cleaned up the house, and waited…and waited…we didn’t know when they were arriving, and we were so excited and anxious all day!  They finally arrived at 6:30, and we walked around the little village, gave them a tour of the house, and had so much visiting with english speaking people!

tuesday- we had a blast at the beach together!  a good five hours of fun in the beautiful france sun, girls playing constantly, nicole and i chatting about everything across the whole spectrum, such a blast.  we packed a lovely cheese and baguette-lettuce and tuna wrap lunch for everyone.  such a lovely and laid back day, especially with 7 girls!

wednesday – oh, we couldn’t wait to take our friends to carcassonne!  the largest and oldest castle in europe, we saw it a couple weeks ago with jarom, and we were excited to take the whitby’s over and see how beautiful and magnificent it is.  oh, the fun you can have and the stories you can tell from a fun chocolate store guy…to the jewelry store guy making out with his girlfriend while we were trying to shop in his store..ooooh gross!  then we were in the medieval store with the medieval clothes, and a couple of our kids got an outfit from those times.  no worries, we won’t be the renaissance people wearing the garb at the festivals.

thursday- after nicole and i stayed up until 3:30 am talking about life, morning came too quickly.  our kids, all 7 girls, are too loud in the morning, but at least they are having fun together.  we chilled at home, had kids catch up on school work, nicole made a cake and zucchini bread, i made homemade pizzas for lunch from baguette, and we worked with kids more on schoolwork.  how is it dinner time already?

friday-beziers and driving the countryside

saturday-pezenas market, beautiful town, lined with all sorts of goods being sold.  quartet playing in the middle of the square.  dreamy!  nicole and i joke about buying a home there and surprising our husbands!  eating rotisserie chicken off the bone in an ancient town with a cool fall breeze in the middle of france is just amazingly calming and inspiring to the spirit.  everyone tried on hats, found cute wallets, ate gummy candies, we bought clementine’s on our way out, nicole found bags that are weaved for 5 euro’s a piece…it was fantastic!  had to say good bye to the whitby’s after they got packed and were on their way back to spain.  it’s just so much more fun with friends!   we will always remember this wonderful trip.


2 thoughts on “this week with our friends…they just moved to spain and came to france to see us for the week…

  1. I haven’t been on your blog in a while and wanted to see what you were up to and I am pleasantly surprised! How wonderfully wonderful!!! What many fun adventures you all of having. I am so happy for you! My girls want a dog so I was wondering if you still had yours, but now I am thinking that you don’t since you are traveling the world! We went to the pumpkin patch today and thought of you. Love you! Annie

  2. Thanks for posting this. That was SOOOO fun. We got to feel like we saw a bit of the real wine country in France thanks to you guys who knew what you were doing, (except when someone parks 2 centimeters behind your bumper, and you have to pantomime door to door until you find the owner). Loved our victory cry when we “found” each other at the market. Miss you guys.

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