the odysseum in montpellier…

oct. 6.  2012

saturday-day 27 of our adventure…

i have read about the odysseum, but we thought we would go check it out.  it’s in montpellier.  we also thought we would check out the train station where we have to return the car next week, since it will be very early, and we don’t want to miss our train and plane next week.

so the odysseum, if i can explain it, is an awesome area of shopping, theater, restaurants, planetarium, aquarium, outdoor mall, and it’s all reachable on foot and in a location all to itself.  it was great!  we ate a restaurant for the first time since being in the south of france, it was yummy.  salmon and rice, salmon lasagna, honey pizza, and a pizza with an egg in the middle of it.  it was all great…well, the honey pizza was a little weird.

we have seen signs for this geant casino, and figured it was a casino.  but it’s an awesome grocery store!  we are slowly learning the in’s and out’s of different things…the cool bags for fruit with little handles, the carts you stick a coin into to separate it from the others, and then you have to return the cart to another to get your coin out-brilliant!  you have to always pre-pay your parking stub before getting in your car and leaving a parking lot.  lots of tolls, keep lots of 2 euro pieces available.  gps wrong half the time, learn to read signs.  nuts and peanut butter almost non-existent, and if you find it, expensive!  anything bread-like…pasta and breads, dirt cheap.  water, can be very cheap.  fruit is about the same price.  meat the same price.  dairy and eggs aren’t refrigerated, just stored in a regular non-refrigerated isle.  popcorn is hard to find, and if you find it, it’s in a tiny package.  finally found oatmeal, not very common.

it’s been such a fun adventure being here and figuring things out with my little buddies.  at times we get a little homesick, missing our daddy and other people to conversate with.  at dinner, the girls decided they could live over here if their french was better, and if they had friends.  i could live over here, not knowing any french, but of course, it’s always nice to have friends.  a vineyard wouldn’t hurt either.

p.s.-lds general conference is today and tomorrow, but since it’s quite later, we will be watching sunday and monday instead.  can’t wait to hear what our prophet and his apostles have to say.  i absolutely love the inspired talks.


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