wine caveau…africaine de sigean…

oct. 3.  2012

wednesday, day 24 of our adventure-

we woke up and were out the door a little after 10:00am today!  that’s really good for us!

we headed over to an appointment we had at a wine caveau.  the wonderful office manager, franky, took us around the beautiful premises, which date back to the romans.  even though we don’t drink wine, or any alcohol, we are in wine country, and figured it would be interesting science to learn about.  also how things get from the vine to the shelf.  she showed us the beautiful buildings that had been restored, and were hundreds of years old, since the roman times.  the stone wheel below is from around the 15th century.  the steps leading down into the ground is where water was flowing through, and they would use the water to power the roll of the stone to crush and mill whatever grains they used.  she showed us where they bottle and box the wine, it was really interesting to see.  the 27 year old owner, inherited all this from his grandfather.  must be hard having a beautiful vineyard in france all set up for you and be 27 and set!  not that i’m jealous.

we then headed over to the sigean african safari park for the afternoon.  la reserve africaine de sigean is a huge safari park.  It encompasses a vast range of over 3,800 animals, including lions, rhinoceros, bears, cheetah’s and apes.  you drive around one side of the park, just like an african safari.  then you can park, picnic, and walk around the other side where it’s a bit like a zoo.  it was ok the first drive around, then we had lunch, walked, and decided to do one more drive-by on the safari side since not much was happening the first time.  we were so lucky we did!  the black bears were out, playing, and one walked right next to our car!  an ostrich was in the middle of the road, so we stopped, and it walked up next to our car and was pecking at the windshield wipers.  so fun!  it made it feel more like a safari that time.

++when uploading my pic’s, most of them got deleted -like the 4 cute bears sitting on the road in front of our car.  we will try and re-coup the photos when we’re back in america.  sad.  so i only have a few right now.

grocery store again!, i think we go every day!  made yummy taco salad, popped popcorn(in a pan with olive oil-only the best way!), and watched our evening movie.  i don’t want to jinx myself, but we have been getting around pretty decently, and have the tolls down pretty well now.  knock on wood.




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