the beautiful harbor city of sete…

sept. 30.  2012

sunday-day 21 of our adventure-

what happens when you don’t get up early and get to church with your kids?  you back into a thousand year old wall.  yep.  scratched up the back bumper, broke the light cover a bit.  hoping i’ll get a french shrug for it, and not a huge charge.  if you look at all the cars here, they are all scratched up.  ours fits in now!

lazy morning, get going, went to sete to walk around on this beautiful day.  it’s sunday though, which means shops and restaurants are closed, so we had a hard time finding food.  we finally found a market, got some bread, cheese, chips and salsa, and sat along the canal with all the boats parked.  it was beautiful…until an interesting couple came and sat on the bench next to us.  their daughter stood next to us watching us eat, and then her dad came over and signed if we would cut him some bread.   i normally don’t mind sharing, but i felt really uncomfortable and invaded on.  we drove to the top of a hill, and walked around a beautiful cemetery that looked out onto the ocean.  beautiful afternoon.  headed home and relaxed, because touring the beautiful french countryside for a few hours can be exhausting.  kidding of course.

a little about sete…as a place of human settlement, it has very ancient origins and the first human settlements here date to the bronze age (1100-800 B.C.).




our beautiful village, magalas-

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